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Adam Durrant

Adam Durrant

00562c7Adam was born in St. Catharines, Ontario, and travelled extensively through Western Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean during his childhood. After returning to Canada for secondary school, he pursued undergraduate studies at Brock University and a Master of Arts degree in Economic History at the University of Western Ontario. Working for various employers after graduation, Adam built a strong portfolio in public history, library sciences, and project management, and teaching.

His current role as a Research Manager at the Niagara Workforce Planning Board principally focuses on analysis and presentation of labour market information.He has expert-level skills in quantitative and labour force analysis using Microsoft Excel, Minitab, Tableau, and SPSS. The remainder of his work comes through the production of annual reports, a monthly newsletter, and a twice-weekly blog. A point of personal pride is his “Income in Niagara” series, which examines the various ways to measure income and quality of life in Niagara.

Outside of work hours, Adam is an accomplished literary and film critic, an amateur podcaster, occasional short-story author, and one-time video game designer.

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