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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Vision Statement:

A diverse and talented labour force contributing to a vibrant economy.

Mission Statement:

To lead in the creation of innovative labour market solutions by bringing people together.


Leading in the creation of innovative labour market solutions by:

– Providing authoritative research

– Identifying employment trends

– Targeting workforce opportunities

– Initiating development projects

– Bringing people together


All of our activities will be congruent with our core values. These values, ranked in priority are:

We commit to leadership that is innovative, visionary and relevant toward accomplishing shared goals.

We commit to a strong ethical code of conduct, striving to continuously build trust with our partners, stakeholders, sponsors and the community.

To recognize the diversity within our region and its residents.

To act in a responsible and open manner.

To fulfill our role of partner to achieve maximum value and establish long-term relationships; to support the participants in Niagara’s labour force to achieve sustainable employment.

We will conduct our business in a manner which is professional and respectful.

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