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Planning for Success

Planning for Success

What are the planning for success tools?

As part of Niagara Workforce Planning Board’s (NWPB) commitment to building a strong and vibrant labour force, we have created the Planning for Success Tools as first point of reference for employers looking to expand their workforce. These tools provide a preliminary touchstone on building and maintaining a diverse workforce. They also begin to explore issues of succession planning in small business.

Why this project?

NWPB believes that employers in the Niagara region want to retain the best and brightest talent for local businesses. Sourcing this talent, however, can sometimes prove to be a challenge. These reference sheets will first, remind employers that there are people ready and willing to work in Niagara, and second, highlight the programs and support mechanisms in place facilitate a strong employer-employee relationships.

What’s next?

NWPB sees these reference sheets as the first step in a much larger process. The data tells us that Niagara is both an ageing municipality and one that is heavily concentrated in small businesses. We believe this invites a two-fold conversation on building a sustainable workforce and planning for the next generation of Niagara’s businesses. Our hope is that contributing to a discussion on building Niagara’s talent pool, thus addressing short-term labour needs, will allow employers to focus on considering options for the long-term plans of their businesses.

Click below to review each of our topic-focused planning for success tools

Women in underrepresented occupations

People of Aboriginal descent

Veterans of the Canadian Forces

People with disabilities

Get in touch!

NWPB can provide workshops for any interested business or community organization. Contact us at

Niagara has many initiatives under way in support of small businesses and microenterprises.  NWPB is interested in supporting those who would create their own job, adding jobs and successful planning with respect to regarding local and economic trends and opportunities.  We invite you to review this brief report. Click here for a brief overview.  Let us know what you think by giving us feedback.  What can we add and what are your ideas that Niagara can pursue?

We are interested in the significant changes in Niagara’s economy. Click here for a brief NWPB report on the linkages with labour market supply and demand. This includes forecasts of key industries and occupations in Niagara.

Additional information on succession planning:

Click here to complete a short, two question, feedback survey on the Planning for Success tools

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