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Resources for startups and microbusiness

Resources for startups and microbusiness

Startup Niagara

Startup Niagara is a place for budding and seasoned entrepreneurs alike to gather, learn from each other and get access to invaluable resources, and programming. We are entrepreneur-led and committed to the long-term success and sustainability of our community. Starting up is hard and we all succeed by working together.

Innovate Niagara

Innovate Niagara is a member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE), a network of regional and provincial not-for-profit organizations that deliver services and programs to help entrepreneurs start, grow and succeed.

As a Regional Innovation Centre for Niagara, Innovate Niagara connects innovators to the people and programs required to bring their innovations to market through a suite of in-house programs, resource partners and network of incubation facilities.

We facilitate networking, collaboration, prototyping, and business development through:

  • business advisory services;
  • entrepreneurial training courses;
  • business and industry networking events;
  • business-academic collaboration opportunities;
  • additional business tools and resources.

Our interactive roadmap is designed to streamline an entrepreneur’s path from concept to prototype to profitable business – all in one place – helping to drive the growth of innovative clusters in the Niagara Region.

Generator at One

the Generator at one is a state of the art interactive media generator facility, designed with the concept of “Seamless Workflow” in mind. It is designed to provide core business services and to enable your research or commercial media projects to have any or all aspects completed at one location. Any portion of your project, from pre to post production, can be brought to life at one St. Paul St. in St. Catharines, Ontario.

The primary goal of the Generator at one is to enable its technology partners to provide complete technical solutions to your business’ needs. The facility is powered by Innovate Niagara, with the technology being managed by three, independent companies; Fourgrounds Media, Furi Enterprises, and morro images. Whether you need access to cutting edge IT and/or media technology, you are interested in having a portion of your media project completed, or you are interested in having one of our partners produce your vision from start to finish, you will take pleasure in the peace of mind that comes from having everything you need at one site, at one time, at one St. Paul St.

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