Mentee Spotlight: Jazz Clemente

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Mentee Spotlight: Jazz Clemente

Building connections in the community is one of NWPB's foundational mandates. Our Mentorship Program gives us the opportunity to connect with some of Niagara's best and brightest, both among our mentors and mentees.

Today, we're celebrating the success story of one of our Mentees, Jazz Clemente (full name: Micaella Jazz A. Clemente) who is a certified public accountant from Manila, Philippines. Jazz shares her story and how her Mentor, Justin has helped her find success in Canada. We asked Jazz a few questions to help her sum up her experience as a Mentee. 

1. Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from?

I’m from Manila, Philippines.


2. What is your educational background?

I graduated from De La Salle University, Manila, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy.


3. What is your profession?

I am a Certified Public Accountant.


4. What challenges have you found trying to find work in Canada?

Finding employment in Canada was a challenge. I am a student of CPA Ontario, and I have all the credentials necessary for an entry-level accounting position. I applied to more than a hundred job postings from different companies, and I could not land an interview. I came to the conclusion that I must have been doing something wrong.

Here in Canada, connections and recommendations are everything. Coming from a foreign country, I did not have any of those when I started. Recruiters read my resume, and already rejected me before even having the chance to meet me. My biggest struggle was getting myself in the door and creating necessary relationships to move forward with my career here in Canada.


5. How has your Mentor helped you overcome some of these challenges?

My mentor, Justin from KPMG, has helped me a lot to prepare for a career here in Canada. Although I was already in the same field back in the Philippines, I recognize that there are different practices here. He made sure to orient me with everything I needed to know. Further, he continuously gave me advice on how to adapt in my new environment. From the start, he supported me, and he made me believe that I would succeed in my endeavors as long as I didn't give up.


6. What are some other things your Mentor has taught or done with you?

From giving me exam advice to helping me with my job applications, my mentor has been guiding me through and through.


7. What advice would you give a new Mentee in this program?

I would tell new mentees that they are definitely on the right track. Just be patient and persistent. I would tell them to keep striving until their goals are reached. Sometimes, we don’t know what we are capable of, and we might just surprise ourselves.


8. Would you suggest the NWPB mentorship program to another newcomer to Canada?

I would definitely suggest the NWPB mentorship program to other newcomers here in Canada. It has helped me progress in my career here in Canada. Further, it made me realize that there is definitely potential for growth here.


9. Is there anything else you would like to share?

When I applied for the NWPB mentorship program, I was really struggling in my career. I was questioning myself whether moving to Canada was the right choice. I left my whole life in the Philippines.

The program gave me hope and strength. It was what I needed at that time. Josie, the Mentorship Manager, was really kind and helpful. She was so accommodating and genuinely caring. I feel really blessed to have met her. A big reason why the program is a success is her.

We thank Jazz for sharing her story with us. If you would like to learn more about Jazz, please visit her LinkedIn Profile.

Are you a newcomer to Niagara interested in finding a mentor to assist you in establishing your career here in Canada? Alternatively, are you a local professional interested in contributing your expertise to the growth of Niagara's workforce by mentoring an internationally trained professional in your field? We invite you to connect with our Mentorship Manager, Josie Faccini, to start your mentorship journey today.