SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: A New Adventure for Mario De Divitiis

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Message from the Chair

Photo of Carol Nagy, NWPB Board Chair
May 30, 2019

Dear Community Partners,
On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is with deep regret that I am informing you that Mario Dedivitiis, CEO, Niagara Workforce Planning Board has decided to accept a position with another organization as of June 11, 2019.   
The Board of Directors is actively working on a transitional leadership plan, and has begun the recruitment process to find an exceptional leader who will continue to advance NWPB's goals and vision. We will continue to keep our partners informed and involved.
Mario has been a driving force behind the revitalization of the NWPB since he was hired in July 2016. Implementing his vision, NWPB is positioned as Niagara’s leader in reliable workforce research, while strengthening workforce development efforts across the Region.
Working collaboratively with many community partners in regional services, education, and immigration with a focus on labour, Mario’s strategic thinking has contributed to the development of many innovative and unique programs.
It is with mixed emotions that we congratulate Mario on his work with NWPB and wish him much success in his future endeavors.
Carol Nagy,
Chair, Board of Directors
Niagara Workforce Planning Board

A New Adventure

Photo of Mario De Divitiis

Hello friends,

As you've already heard, I have decided to start a new adventure with Ridley College. My final day with NWPB will be June 11, 2019 at our Annual General Meeting.

I am deeply grateful to all my past and current board members. I thank them all for their time and the expertise they have provided NWPB, as well as the wisdom they have passed on to me. I have also been blessed to work with a phenomenal staff team full of talent, drive and positivity. Over the past three years, together with these two extraordinary teams, we have successfully revitalized NWPB as Niagara’s leader in reliable workforce research.

Thank you all for believing in NWPB, Niagara, and each other. I am proud of what we accomplished and certain that the future of NWPB will be bright.

These past three years have given me the opportunity to learn about my home, the Niagara region, from an entirely new perspective. This perspective is one built on data and statistics about Niagara’s workforce and its people. Combine the data with hundreds of personal stories shared with me by people in the private, public & non-profit sectors, and you get an amazing outlook. I’ve developed an understanding of our region, and the people living in it, at a breadth and depth that few people get the opportunity to see. I feel blessed and honored that our stakeholders and community have trusted NWPB and myself to provide support in building their positive futures.

After reviewing countless datasets and studies, and listening to many diverse organizations across the region, one message remains clear to me. Niagara is on the rise. The more we use evidence-based decision making and continue to stay committed to working together as a united force, the stronger our labour market and community will become.

So, let’s keep working together.

Thank you for the journey.


Your friend,

Mario De Divitiis