Census Made Easy

What is Census Made Easy?

Niagara Workforce Planning Board's Census Made Easy service breaks down municipally-focused census data into easily-readable reports and infographics for each census release. This data is available for each municipality within the Niagara region, and in some cases we are able to provide data at the sub-municipal level. Comprehensive data reports are provided within one calendar month of release data.

Get At-a-glance Information

Our Census Made Easy reports and infographics deliver at-a-glance information on:

  • Families, households & marital status
  • Language
  • Income
  • Language of work
  • Immigration & ethno-cultural diversity
  • Housing
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Mobility
  • Education
  • Labour
  • Commuter info
  • Migration
Census Made Easy, Niagara Workforce Planning Board

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