Community Data

What is Community Data?

Made up of a national network of more than 20 community data consortia, members of the Community Data Program include more than 50 municipalities. Its over 1000 users include social planning councils, health and family service agencies, local police, school boards, and other organizations working for social development.

With the launch of the Niagara Community Data Consortium (NCDC), member organizations gain access to web-based, customized community data, data analysis tools, and training, as well as a national network with teleconferences and annual face-to-face events. This program allows access to a data set that would cost Niagara over one million dollars if obtained from their original sources. With Community Data, access to rich data is available to all organizations in the Niagara region that are working for the betterment of the community, and promoting the use of data in policy, social services, and all initiatives aimed at the prosperity of Niagara.

What are the benefits of Community Data?

In addition to being the lead agency in the Niagara Community Data Consortium, NWPB actively uses Community Data to conduct its research and fulfill project requirements. Some of the ways that Community Data can benefit workforce planning include:

  • Providing access to specific data on business and economy throughout Niagara
  • Understanding municipal income patterns using Taxfiler Data
  • Access to external information between municipalities
  • Forming stronger connections between organizations through shared information

Ontario Trillium Foundation

This project was funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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