Experiential Education

What is Experiential Education?

Niagara Workforce Planning Board is working in partnership with both the District School Board of Niagara and the Niagara Catholic District School Board on projects to build new and stronger connections between employers and educators in Niagara, and to help narrow the skills gap in the local workforce.

The DSBN’s Educator-Employer Exploration (E3) and the NCDSB’s Career Connections (CC) programs invite local employers to host a secondary school teacher for a half-day of job shadowing and workforce exploration.

The focus for these professional development activities are STEAM-related (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) occupations and skilled trades-related occupations.

These practical efforts are also enhanced through NWPB’s provision of additional local labour market data, which can be integrated into teaching materials by participating educators.

What is the role of NWPB?

Recognizing that a project of this scope requires on-going dialogue and support, NWPB is taking an active role in this initiative with the goal of addressing systemic issues of youth retention and skills alignment.

Alongside the provision of labour market data, NWPB’s role in these projects also includes personal and logistical support of professional development activities for the DSBN and NCDSB, including:

  • Outreach to employers to secure their enthusiastic participation, Identifying fields of interest on the part of participating school board staff
  • Coordinating participants with best-fit employers
  • Marketing and promotion activities leading up to the E3 professional development day
  • Summary infographics for the participants’ reference on the day the program takes place
  • An in-person presentation by NWPB staff to school board staff on the broad trends of the local labour market

Benefits for Educators, Niagara Workforce Research

Benefits for Educators

Through this exploratory opportunity, educators can gain valuable insight into the steps that secondary school students can take toward their future careers. Equipped with this knowledge, educators can then work toward building and adapting educational programs around ensuring that future workers have the right skill sets to meet the needs of employers.

Benefits for Employers

Employers benefit from the opportunity to showcase their business operations, highlight their workplaces’ in-demand skills, and discuss the current and future career prospects that students and job-seekers can find within their industry.

Niagara’s employers are the greatest authority on the skills their workers need to have. Participating employers who partner with educators for the E3 and CC programs provide a unique inside view into the practical work involved in their industries, which educators can pass on to their students. This insight also allows educators to adapt their approach to instruction and skills training to better align with the day-to-day needs of the working world.

Benefits for Employers, Niagara Workforce Research

Interested in Experiential Education?

This project is an important component in Niagara’s endeavour to narrow the skills gap in the workforce.

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