Job Demand Report

What is the Job Demand Report?

Using industry standard scraping tools to collect up to the current hour job postings within the region, NWPB is able to assemble monthly profiles of labour market demand in the Niagara region and its municipalities.

With this data, we help business owners and job seekers answer questions such as:
  • Which cities are hiring?
  • Which jobs are in demand?
  • What is the average rate of pay being offered?
  • What is the level of skill or average number of years of experience required?

How Does Your Business Compare?

As of August 2017, the St. Catharines-Niagara census data reports that 62.6% of people are employed or actively looking for work.

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Gain Skills as a Mentee, Niagara Workforce Research

Benefits for Employers & Business Owners

Our job demand reports provide insight into current demand among employers through multiple lenses. This provides key insights for businesses looking to recruit new workers, and allows municipalities to identify consistent needs and potential labour shortages in local industries. This knowledge is a vital tool in economic planning.

Benefits for Job Seekers & Students

We assemble profiles on top occupational demand, occupational demand measured by required education, and demand within specific industries. Additionally, we can explore job status (e.g. full-time versus part-time) and job permanence.

Gain Skills as a Mentor, Niagara Workforce Research

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