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Below is an anonymized roster of the mentees currently enrolled in our program, listed by their areas of expertise and detailing their work experience and educational background. Are you a local professional interested in becoming a mentor? Browse the list below to see if you might already have a match waiting for you!

Newcomers who participate in our Immigrant Mentorship Program are highly trained and often come with a wealth of valuable experience from their jobs in their previous country of residence. Program participants have included doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, and more. Local mentors are matched with one of our mentees based on shared fields of expertise and common work backgrounds.

We're always meeting new mentees from a variety of backgrounds -- even if you don't see someone who matches your qualifications today, we still invite you to sign on to be a mentor; you'll be the first person we call when we find a good match for you.


Experience: Geomatics Surveying and Mapping, GIS Technician/ Engineering Department Assistant, City Planner, Construction Estimator, Project Manager
Education: Renewable Energies Technician (In-progress), Construction Engineering Technology (In-progress), Bachelor's Degree in Architecture, Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Biologists & Related Scientists:

Experience: Molecular Genetics Technologist, Medical Laboratory Technician, Medical Technologist, Molecular Research Technologist, Research Intern
Education: Master’s Degree in Science focused in Biotechnology, Bachelor Degree in Science

Civil Engineers:

Experience: Chief Hydraulic Engineer, Chief Engineer, Supervising Engineer
Education: Master's Degree in Hydraulic Engineering Sciences, Bachelor Degree in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

Electrical Engineers:

Experience: Control Engineer, Research Student, Technical Support
Education: PHD Systems Engineering, Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor Degree in Electronic Technologies

Mechanical Engineers:

Experience: Quality Assurance Engineer, Quality Manager and Deputy Base Manager, Lecturer (Faculty of Engineering), Maintenance/ Planning Engineer
Education: Master’s Degree in Telecommunications and Information Systems, Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, Quality Assurance Training

Finance & Accounting:

Experience: Compliance and AML Officer, Financial Risk Control, Bank Accountant
Education: Bachelor Degree in Accounting
Experience: Financial Manager, Accountant
Education: CMA, Master’s Degree, Diploma at Institute of Banking Studies
Experience: Senior Risk Analyst at Industrial Commercial Bank of China, Senior Risk Analyst & Internal Auditor, Risk Analyst
Education: CFA, FRM, Master’s Degree in Economics, Bachelor’s Degree in Economics

General Business & Management:

Experience: Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Scrum Master/ Technical Project Manager
Education: Master’s of Science; Telecommunications Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Computer and Electrical Engineering
Experience: Architectural Designer, Facilities Management Officer, Facilities Coordinator
Education: PCP (in progress), Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Information Technology & Systems Administrators:

Experience: Senior System and Backup Administrator, Senior System Analyst, Intermediate System Analyst
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Software Engineering, Diploma Project Management
Experience: International Technological-Support Team Leader, IBM Support Team Leader
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, certifications in Software Quality

Law Clerks & Lawyers:

Experience: Compliance/ law clerk, office manager, law clerk at the attorney general
Education: Bachelor of Law, Public Law Specialization

Public Health:

Experience: District Epidemiologist, State Consultant Training, Supervisor at Population Based Cancer Registry, Mother and Child Health Counselor
Education: Master’s of Science; Telecommunications Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Computer and Electrical Engineering
Experience: Occupational Health and Safety, Health and Safety Supervisor, Health Expert, Health and Safety Coordinator
Education: Master’s Degree Human Resource Management, Bachelor’s Degree Occupational Health and Safety

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