Niagara Immigrant Employment Council (NIEC)

What is NIEC?

NWPB’s Immigrant Mentorship Program is a vital component of the Niagara Immigrant Employment Council (NIEC)

Niagara Immigrant Employment Council is a region-wide, multi-stakeholder collaboration of businesses, community organizations, immigrants, occupational regulatory bodies and 4 levels of government, with NWPB as its managing organization. NIEC’s purpose is to enhance Niagara's diversity and economic prosperity by strengthening its capacity to attract, recruit and retain internationally trained immigrants who have chosen Canada as their new home.

Participating community organizations include:

  • community foundations
  • service providers
  • secondary and post-secondary educational institutions
  • economic and workforce development agencies
  • labour unions
Niagara Immigrant Employment Council

Why do we need an Immigrant Employment Council?

Sectors such as healthcare and tourism are already experiencing critical need for skilled employees. Niagara's population is aging, and baby boomers are retiring in increasingly large numbers. A low birth rate and youth out-migration add to concerns about labour force shortages in the years ahead.

Meanwhile, the challenges faced by internationally trained individuals immigrating to Canada are often overwhelming. A lack of local recognition for foreign credentials and experience coupled with less personal familiarity with Canadian business culture serve as a steep barrier to employment, slowing newcomers’ integration into the workforce and the local community. Lacking a clear pathway to immigrant employment, Niagara's businesses will need to respond to looming labour shortages without an effective human resource strategy.

NIEC is focused on making positive change for both local business and newcomers by developing and implementing best practices and solutions for effective immigrant labour market integration, and encouraging more immigrants to choose Niagara as their destination.

Benefits to the Community

  • Provides a forum where employers, service providers and other stakeholder groups come together to develop innovative and sustainable employment strategies to assist employers with recruitment and retention of internationally trained newcomers.
  • Creates and encourages a regional environment of collaboration and partnership for the delivery of effective, innovative and sustainable labour market integration programs for immigrants through Niagara's service providers.
  • Increases employers' awareness of Canadian equivalency of credentials held by internationally trained professionals immigrating to Canada from all over the world.
  • Contributes to the introduction of immigrant employment-friendly policies at the corporate, government and community level.
  • Raises public awareness of the contribution immigrants make to Canadian economic growth and the long-term economic prosperity of our community.

Interested in Working with NIEC?

NIEC welcomes those interested in contributing towards creating a labour market where employers recognize and utilize the skills and experience immigrants bring to Niagara. Niagara will benefit economically, socially and culturally from your contribution.

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