Our Work With Educators

How does NWPB work with Educators?

Niagara Workforce Planning Board has an ongoing commitment to fostering connections within our community and contribute to Niagara's long-term growth. We work with elementary and secondary school boards, as well as the career services departments of post-secondary schools, to create meaningful connections between employers, educators, and students. Through these connections, as well as our labour supply and skillset data, educators are equipped with current and accurate knowledge to help guide students toward careers that are in demand and well aligned with their unique abilities.

NWPB can help educators through the following projects & services

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Niagara Workforce Planning Board

Labour Market Planning Report

We publish our Local Labour Market Planning Report annually and provide it as a free resource for government officials, employers, educators, job seekers, and other Niagara stakeholders. This annual summary of the developments, challenges, and strengths of the local labour market helps to inform planning for the future success of individual community members, organizations, and the Niagara region as a whole. Learn More »

Data Driven Career Planning

Working in partnership with both the District School Board of Niagara and the Niagara Catholic District School Board, we facilitate information-sharing events and presentations to help adjust perceived skills misalignments in the local workforce. These talks and information packages are designed to build new and stronger connections between employers, educators, and students in Niagara. Learn More »

Experiential Education Program, Niagara Workforce Planning Board
Employer One Survey, Niagara Workforce Planning Board

Employer One

The Employer One survey is an annual online survey conducted by regional planning boards throughout Ontario, focused on workforce issues from the perspective of employers. Employers who take this survey have the opportunity to weigh in on issues ranging from labour availability, to job availability and classification, to skills demand, and more. NWPB conducts this survey annually for the Niagara region. Learn More »

Region Building Series

In partnership with Niagara College and Brock University’s Niagara Community Observatory, this presentation series explores important demographic data and research surrounding Niagara’s labour-ready workforce. Topics addressed by this series include cost of living, young families, labour mobility, and more. Speakers share data, showcase current initiatives, and generate discussion to collectively approach a sustainable workforce in Niagara. Learn More »

Region Building Series, Niagara Workforce Planning Board