Our Work With Government

How does NWPB work with the Public Sector?

Niagara Workforce Planning Board believes in bringing people and projects together for the benefit of everyone in the Niagara region and beyond.

As an independent, non-partisan organization, NWPB offers consulting and research services to all levels of government and the public sector. We provide accurate and current representative data to inform economic planning and encapsulate the public perspective.  We also participate in partnership projects for the enrichment of Niagara and its community members, as part of our ongoing commitment to fostering connections within our community.

To learn more about our public services and partnerships, browse the options below, or get in touch with us today to set up an appointment with our research team.

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If you're interested in any of the below services, or other potential partnerships, please contact us.

Region Building Series

In partnership with Niagara post-secondary institutions and other local research organizations, the Region Building Series explores issues surrounding Niagara’s labour-ready workforce, addressing such topics as cost of living, young families, labour mobility, and more. Speakers share data, showcase current initiatives, and generate discussion to collectively approach a sustainable workforce in Niagara.

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Custom Reports, Niagara Workforce Planning Board
Labour Market Planning Report, Niagara Workforce Planning Board

Labour Market Planning Report

Built on evidence-based analysis of labour market strengths and challenges within the Niagara region. Gain valuable and current understanding of the full labour market landscape from the data in this report, available for free on our website.

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Employer One Survey

Our annual online survey focused on the demand side of the local labour market. Employers throughout Niagara are invited to voice their perspectives on workforce issues such as labour availability, job availability and classification, skills demand, and more. Learn More »

Employer One Survey, Niagara Workforce Planning Board
Community Data, Niagara Workforce Planning Board

Community Data

Open, rich data made available for the betterment of the community through policy, social services, and all initiatives aimed at the prosperity of Niagara. Read more about NWPB's participation in the Community Data program: Learn More »