About Niagara Workforce Planning Board

What is Niagara Workforce Planning Board?

Niagara Workforce Planning Board (NWPB) is one of 26 regional planning boards in Ontario making up the Local Boards Network, partly funded through Employment Ontario.

Founded on October 27, 1997 as the Niagara Training and Adjustment Board (NTAB), NWPB is a not-for-profit, non-government organization serving the Niagara region and its municipalities in providing research, data, and analysis on labour market, economic, and broad demographic trends. Our work is primarily focused on the support and promotion of local labour market planning and workforce development.

Alongside our research services, NWPB facilitates workforce development solutions for community organizations dedicated to advancing Niagara's workforce and economic success. We orchestrate the Niagara Immigrant Employment Council and offer an Immigrant Mentorship Program as part of our initiative to create a more diverse and inclusive Niagara.

About Niagara Workforce Planning Boards

Our Mission

Niagara Workforce Planning Board is a curious and analytical team who work together to bring accurate and future-focused workforce data to Niagara’s public, private, and non-profit sectors in an effort to enhance decision making that will advance Niagara’s economic prosperity.

Why work with NWPB?

Using our services allows one access to the formidable skill set and resources of our dedicated team of researchers, who are specifically tasked with devoting their full time, attention, and expertise to looking into detailed labour market requests. Given that we have been Niagara’s leader in labour market research and solutions since 1997, we have built creditable relationships within all sectors of the region. Along with our data insights, these established relationships allow us not only to bring people together but to provide concrete action toward local economic progress.

Who does Niagara Workforce Planning Board serve?

Niagara Workforce Planning Board is an independent research organization that primarily serves the Employment Ontario network in Niagara, regional government, and the 12 municipalities.

We also work with elementary and secondary school boards, as well as the career services departments of post-secondary schools.

Our labour supply and skillset data allow educators to guide students toward careers that are in demand and well aligned with their unique abilities.

Highly trained immigrants looking for mentorship as part of establishing themselves locally in their field are served through our Immigrant Mentorship Program.

Within the private sector, our market research and salary comparisons are vital toolkits for local businesses throughout the Niagara region.

3 Categories of Service We Offer

NWPB’s work can be broken down into three major categories


NWPB serves as the voice of labour market insight for Niagara. Areas of the workforce we are able to provide insight into include:

These data allow decision-makers at all levels to work together toward a stable and flourishing local workforce and economy.

Niagara Workforce Research is the Voice of Labour Insight
Niagara Workforce is Making a More Diverse Workforce


NWPB is dedicated to helping make a more diverse and inclusive Niagara workforce. As part of this mission, we orchestrate the Niagara Immigrant Employment Council, and offer an Immigrant Mentorship Program to facilitate a smoother transition into the local workforce for highly-trained newcomers to Canada and the Niagara region.


NWPB acts as a catalyst in bringing people and projects together. Alongside our Immigrant Mentorship program, we work with many businesses, government organizations, associations, and not-for-profits in Niagara on workforce development solutions, championing the many ways in which good data can be an important aid in decisions making. We have established steady working partnerships with Niagara College and Brock University to collaborate on research into Niagara’s workforce.

Niagara Workforce Brings People Together